Cuppa—A medium roast coffee. Brewed to order:
12oz. $1.75 16oz. $2.00 20oz. $2.25
French Press—With this method of brewing, coffee oils have more time to mix with the water, making a strong smooth coffee.
4 cup pot—$3.50  2 cup pot- $2.50
Cold Brew—Brewed without heat  over a long duration to produce a strong but mellow coffee. Cold brew makes an incredibly smooth summer drink when mixed with a flavor shot and your choice of dairy, unbelievably refreshing and delicious. Very good heated as well.
12oz. $2.50 16oz. $2.75 20oz. $3.00
Espresso– The classic coffee house drink. We use dark roasted espresso beans from Avoca Roasters in Fort Worth.
$1.50 doppio $3.00
Americano– A shot  of espresso with hot  water added to produce the strength of American coffee.
6oz. $1.50 12oz. $3.00 16oz. $4.50
Red Eye– Cuppa with a shot of  espresso.
12oz. $2.50 16oz. $2.75 20oz. $3.00
Black Eye– Cuppa with two shots of espresso.
12oz. $4.00 16oz. $4.25 20oz. $4.50
Hot Chocolate– Home made, special 4 chocolate recipe.
12oz. $2.75 16oz. $3.00 20oz. $3.25
Steamer– Steamed milk flavored with your choice of syrup.
12oz. $2.00 16oz. $2.25 20oz. $2.50
Specialty Flavor Steamers
12oz. $2.75 16oz. $3.00 20oz. $3.25
 Drinks below are priced at:
12oz. $3.50 16oz. $3.90 20oz. $4.25  
Latte– Shot of espresso first, then steamed milk, followed by milk foam. Add a shot of flavored syrup to sweeten.
Macchiato– Steamed milk of your choice then the espresso is gently layered on the top to make it the first flavor you taste. You can add a shot to sweeten.
Cappuccino– Espresso first, then steamed milk, then a thick layer of milk foam on top. You can add a shot to sweeten.
Specialty Flavor Drinks– Hot or iced.
12oz. $4.50 16oz. $4.90 20oz. $5.25
Almond Joy             Snickers
S’mores                     Crème Brule’
Choose from whole or skim milk .
Add .60 for soy, almond, or half and half.
Add .50 for flavor
Frappe– A frozen, blended dairy based beverage. Some of our recipes have coffee, some don’t.
For a small charge, we are happy to add a shot of cold brew or a shot of espresso to any drink.
Add a shot of espresso           $1.50
Add a shot of cold brew         $1.00
* without coffee
12oz. 3.50 16oz. 3.90 20oz. $4.25
Red Velvet*             Vanilla Latte                
Vanilla Bean*          Caramel de Leche*
Mocha                       Coco Mocha Nut
Cookies and Cream*
Pumpkin Spice *(new seasonal flavor)
Extreme Toffee (this one has chunks of Heath Bar)
Almond Joy (Coco Mocha Nut Frappe and almond syrup)
Snickers (Mocha Frappe with Peanut Butter and Chocolate syrups)
Jodi wine (Toffee, Caramel, and Vanilla Bean
These are our regular drinks, but we will make a drink to your personal taste! 
Italian Soda– An iced beverage made of seltzer water and 2-4 ounces of your favorite syrup.
120z. $2.25 16oz. $2.50 20oz. $2.75
Syrup Flavors: (*also in sugar free)
Vanilla*                    Cherry                       Streusel
French Vanilla*      Cookie Dough                 Snickers
Chocolate*               Grape                        Almond Joy
White Chocolate*   Orange                      Strawberry
Caramel*                 Pumpkin Pie S’Mores
Salted Caramel* Coconut* B-52
Almond Lemon Cinnamon*
Hazelnut Peach* Banana
Amaretto Blueberry Irish Cream
Toasted Marshmallow*
These flavors available for any hot or iced drink.